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 The Action Ad’s digital billboard for mobility and effectiveness is unmatched by stationary billboards. Instantly communicate, create ads, and update messages. 

Fast, Unique, & Instantly Customizable

You can display any type of visual medium, including videos, text, and GIFs. Action Ad’s gives you more ways to reach your audience than ever before.

Super low cost per impression

Instead of worrying whether your customers will come to your message, take your message to your customers.

change your message quickly and easily

Start your mobile billboard advertising campaign as soon and as often as you email us your Ad copy / picture.


Action Ad’s portable billboard is a 3’ by 5’ LED screen that shows ads and messages to your customers works tirelessly—our digital billboards are always running and bringing back positive results.


Easier to see than regular billboards


Separate yourself from the crowd


Change your message instantly




What we do

Why choose us

Your advertising goals are boundless. Your solutions should be too! Our display supports both images and full-motion videos.

Cost effective

Let’s face it. Advertising is expensive! Whether you’re thinking about using newspaper ads, radio ads, or tv ads, they can be pricey. Even traditional billboards are getting more and more expensive, which can be really hard to justify as a business owner. Mobile billboards, on the other hand, have a super low cost per impression compared to these other forms of traditional media.

Incredibly Customizable

You can have scrolling ads that are simple to set up. You can display graphics, videos, still-text, animations, clocks, the temperature, and more. And you’re in total control. Say hello to the future of advertising!


Portable billboards are closer to drivers’ eyes. Drivers are already watching the road, so it’s more natural for them to glance over to your screen while they’re looking for other cars. Action Ad’s grabs their attention right when they’re already on the lookout, especially since many drivers are already used to acting on advertisements they see on the road

perfect for events

Promote your upcoming event!

Law Enforcement & Government Officials

Instant communication & reliable service.

Restaurants & Fast Food

Make your customers hungry behind the wheel!

Retail Store

Drive your customers to your store with a sale!

Get in touch

Whether you’re advertising for your own business, or trying to quickly inform citizens of an emergency, Action Ad’s revolutionizes the ad industry by bringing your message directly to the customers. Don’t wait any longer to meet your target audience—meet them today with the power of mobile billboards!

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